The Right Fit Marathon

The Right Fit Marathon

So the marathon season is on what with the Pinkathon being a big success and the glamorous Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon coming up (post all the Xmas and New Year partying)! We’re gunning strongly for more women participants as this sport picks up and for a good cause that too. While you’re readying your best pair of shoes and running gear, along with strength building at the gym, stacking up on the correct nutrition and protein content and building stamina with daily 3 hour practices, Cazaro Lingerie wishes to do it’s bit by providing you information about a very important element to consider on this day – Your Right Fit Sports Bra! Yes, as mundane as it may sound, this piece of under garment is no small deal to be ignored.


Wondering why so much emphasis on wearing a sports bra? Well to begin with, our reasons include reducing the number of hard-on’s in the world to your boobs not smacking in your face while you run to breast pain while working out! So if you’re not ready to contribute to the above, we suggest you invest in the perfect sports bra, which is scientifically proven to reduce injuries, improve your running form and even reduce back pain arising out of long runs. Cazaro Lingerie’s got a quick checklist for you to ensure that you pick the best Sports Bra through these pointers:

Band – Should fit perfectly – not too tight and definitely not loose. A good band ensures you get the best support and this’s essential to avoid the breast bounce factor primarily. Your flab (being an Indian woman you’ve got to have some) should not protrude from the sides, nor should the band leave any marks owing to tightness.


Cup – Breast tissue should be contained here and not spill over especially from the sides. If you feel your breasts are floating, its probably a bigger size and you should opt for a smaller one then. Ideally your breasts should be properly packed to forbid any movement at all, which would result as a hindrance in your marathon


  Underwire – If present, it should sit in the rib cage and not dig into the breast tissue

  Straps – Go for the sports bra in which straps are adjustable. As with any normal bra, these sports bra straps can also be loose and fall off, which is not something you wish to encounter in a marathon run.


There are so many health benefits associated with running. You don’t want to counter them with breast issues owing to bad sports bra. Every woman has different need for sports bra – some people need it for compression, some need for more cupping, and some for both. 8 out of 10 women into running, wear the wrong sports bra – are you one of them? For an instant verification call our Lingerie Doctor at 9322990151 or mail at