Gold is Passé! Lingerie is the New Investment!

Gold is Passé! Lingerie is the New Investment!

 Now I’m sure you’d never have got this from your mother or even grandmother that investing in a good bra is going to get you the best of everything in the world. But it so turns out that our mothers and theirs, since forever have not really given this a considerable thought as it deserves! Look at all the reasons below and tell me why would you not be willing to invest in a good piece of bra which uplifts your essentials, gives your body a robust shape, accentuates your curves and even cover up the unwanted attention, gets the focus on the cleavage and moves it away from the flab. So here’s the real deal of why you should invest in a good piece of lingerie:

The Perfect Maths – We women don’t get much into calculations while making a purchase but we always do look for the best deal and the most robust investment. Here’s the news – a good buy of lingerie actually costs less and is a better long term investment than the regular grooming costs we incur like getting pedicures done or buying a dress for a specific function and not wearing it more than twice. For a piece of clothing which we wear everyday vs something we wear 2-4 times a year, if you check the return on investment, a good piece of lingerie is always going to rank higher.

Lingerie would not seek you until you don’t seek it – Not with any intention of making the lingerie buying experience sound so Zen-like, what I mean is that you will not know what really suits and fits you best for your dressing style and lifestyle in general if you don’t look for it. There is a standard size set available in the market, but what is more fascinating is the fact that this size set is waaaay smaller than what is required by the women of the world (or Mumbai for us)! So you’ve got to explore beyond the realms of your nearest stores or biggest brands that one hears of!

A dress is not worth it if the bra isn’t – It’s as simple as it gets! If you’ve a 10 grands worth of dress for the next party, but your breasts sagging heavily due to post-menopausal cycle, no two strings attached could also make the dress (or even party) worth it.

Social embarrassment at your age should be a nightmare – Given that you’re an adult and well above the motherly supervision when it comes to buying lingerie, it would be a catastrophe if your bra straps ever opened up in public. For that matter even adjusting your bra while talking to a friend might be a common thing for you but hello – here’s the real deal – adjusting your bra publicly is not cool! It’s the closest to a man’s version of adjusting his balls (ignore the pun). So if you want to avoid such disasters, all it calls for is an educated investment in your undergarment requirements!

Evolution is the pulse of everything – Anything that wants to sustain itself needs to evolve. If we go back to the history of when the lingerie was introduced for women, to what it is now, you’d see a considerable shift that’s taken place. Right from the shapes to the needs to the occasions to the durability, the lingerie scene has changed waaaay much (remember the conical bra’s which were made famous by Madonna). The point is that your body evolves too, every two years it renews itself so imagine how many changes go on on a daily basis. So the garments which hold your body, give it a certain shape and keep it intact need to change at regular intervals too.

The world does not stop if we continue as is. But we give ourselves another reason to not feel our best if we don’t put in enough care into what the body feels most comfortable in. As much as we support ‘No Bra Days’ and ‘Bra Free Zone’ the support runs even strongly for getting the fit right in order to feel right at all times! A good piece of lingerie is like second skin for your body – nurture it well.