The struggle to find the right size!

The struggle to find the right size!

Lingerie is one of the most essential part in a women’s life. It’s probably easy to find the perfect partner in your life, but for many women out there its probably a task to find the right bra size! We struggle with the right size all our life, having tried all the possible sizes to find the perfect one. A woman can feel confident in wearing her choice of clothes only if she feels comfortable from inside, and that is when you wear the right lingerie inside.


80% of the women in India wear the wrong bra size. Not only will a major bra fail look bad, but it’s far healthier and more comfortable to get the right fit. Its usually uncomfortable when you need to keep adjusting your straps all the time. Here’s a tip, rather than continuously adjusting and pulling up the straps throughout the day, ensure they’re snug before you start off. If you do this already but find they lose their strength rather rapidly, its probably because of the poor quality.

Whereas a lot of women think the tighter the better. Don’t let anything dig in and certainly don’t have your straps so tight that the bra rides up at the back. Your bra should be at the same height all around your chest.


Wearing the wrong size bra can cause more serious and long term issues such as back ache and shoulder pains, but these can be easily avoided by wearing a comfortable, well-fitting bra. A good bra should always offer a flawless fit, with great comfort and support. Book your appointment with Cazaro to get yourself the right size and forget the pain of ill-fitting bras forever!