Jayshree Gupta & The cazaro Team

Jayshree Gupta has been in the field of lingerie consulting for over 10 years. She ensures that her clients feel absolutely comfortable while discussing issues concerning their breasts. Over the years, Jayshree Gupta has developed and maintained long-term relationships with a majority of her clients due to her trustworthy, friendly outlook.

Jayshree Gupta has a team of expert bra fitters that are dedicated to the cause and reflect her principles in their style of working with clients. The company culture has been to empower women by making them look good and feel good, inside out. Each member of the Cazaro team is highly trained, has a professional as well as a sensitive approach while assisting clients with their personal grooming needs.

Happy, friendly and a dedicated bunch is what you’ll hear at the other end of the line when you reach out to them for help!